Plunketts Nursery Where Stars are Born 

Mark Cooper

Join Mark on Saturday morning for the club nursery. For more details please contact Mark on the number above. 

The purpose of the St. Oliver Plunkett Eoghan Ruadh nursery is to introduce all children between the ages of 4-7 to the games of Gaelic football & hurling in a fun, active and social setting. The nursery, for most, is their first chance to experience the atmosphere and excitement on a Saturday morning within the club.

The main aims of the nursery are:

  • To have FUN

  • To make lifelong friends

  • To increase participation levels of all children

  • To improve a child’s broad movement skills, through a variety of different games/exercises/activities, etc.

  • To encourage parents/guardians to get involved in coaching and play an active role in their child’s development

  • To encourage children to work together in a team environment

  • To teach children the rules of the game to prepare them for matches against other teams, called ‘Go Games’, once they leave the nursery


From a coaching point of view it is very important which skills of GAA we teach the children, but more importantly is that we coach the children themselves. To praise and encourage children constantly, for even the smallest positive, is invaluable! At this early stage of a child’s development the children are:



For coaches, parents and children alike, the nursery in St Oliver Plunkett Eoghan Ruadh GAA club should be fun, enjoyable and light-hearted whilst still introducing the players to the skills and games of the GAA through a well-structured, positively coached training environment