Every player that puts on the Jersey doesn't just join a team, they join a family. A family that is there to support our players not just on the pitch, but in the workplace, the classroom and the home.  We train hard, we play hard, we may get covered in muck, but we always look out for our friends, our teammates, and our neighbours. Life can be tough, but as a community we are tougher. We wear the crest with honour, like the many great players who have worn it before us. We are a unique club with strong bonds of friendship, caring and respect for each other and everyone we interact with. We are not just passionate about winning, we are passionate about our club and our community.The club is our bond, a safe place, our home away from home, a place where a warm welcome is always guaranteed. We are always here for our players, our members and our community. 

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Mental Wellbeing

Pieta House GAA
Mind your Buddy


Many of us may be impacted by suicide during our lives. With the stigma attached to mental health, people, especially men, in need are often too afraid to come forward and look for help, suffering in silence until it might be too late. With this in mind, Pieta House have started this initiative in GAA clubs all around Dublin with the hope of helping those who need support, and reducing the tragic number of suicides, again especially among young males, in Ireland. This campaign is a peer-led scheme, and St Oliver Plunkett’s Eoghan Ruadh have three Representatives (Craig Dunleavy, Eanna Boland and Cian Boland) directly linked with Pieta House, so that anyone who needs help can go to someone local in the Club. All contact will be strictly confidential, and it is not just men who can avail of the service. Anyone who feels like they might need help can get in touch with Craig, Eanna or Cian.


Physical Wellbeing

GAA Injury Benefit Fund

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St. Oliver Plunkett Eoghan Ruadh Players and Coaches/Mentors are covered by injury schemes which are operated by the National Governing Bodies (Camogie, Ladies Football and GAA). Should a player be injured please fill out the form below. For more information please on the More info. icon below

Concussion GAA
GPA Supportng players

St. Oliver Plunkett Eoghan Ruadh take concussion very seriously and we would implore all member to educate themselves on the subject. Concussion is a brain injury that needs to be taken seriously by players, coaches and parents, to protect the short and long-term health and welfare of all players. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that affects your brain function. Effects are usually temporary but can include headaches and problems with concentration, memory, balance and coordination. Concussions are usually caused by a blow to the head, however violently shaking the head and upper body also can cause concussions. If there are any signs leading to the suspicion of concussion, a player should be removed immediately from the field of play pending a full medical assessment (the impact itself may on occasion be considered an indicator even in the absence of any immediate symptoms).


A player suspected of sustaining/having sustained a concussion should not return to play on the same day. Concussion is an evolving injury and it is imperative to monitor and rest the player for 24-48 hours after. Subsequently a satisfactory, supervised return to play protocol must be completed, followed by medical approval, prior to return to play.

Adult players suspected of having a concussion must then must follow a gradual return to play (GRTP) protocol. Players must receive written medical clearance (from a doctor) and present to the person in charge of the team before returning to full contact training. Adult players should not return to full contact training/matches for at least 1 week from when the injury has first been diagnosed. (The GRTP should take at least 7 days for adult players). Should a player fail one of the GRTP steps, they must go back to the previous one until they are able to progress. This can vary for each individual.


For more information on Concussion, the effects and the GRTP click on the link below.

Child Wellbeing


Cathy Harrison

Child Protection Officer

St Oliver Plunketts takes the issue of child protection extremely seriously. If you wish to contact our Child Protection Officer please use the form below or Contact Cathy  on 087-8110939